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Have you discovered the Art of Application? We have a series of videos to help you improve your application techniques in your ornamental crops. Or, head to our Advisory Blog with hints and tips from our Technical Expert, Glenn Kirby. 

Stena is an adjuvant suitable for ornamental crop production with scientifically proven technology and experience behind it. To enhance the efficacy of your crop protection programmes, good application techniques and the use of adjuvants are essential to improve uptake.

The benefits of Stena


Stena improves uptake and efficacy which is is achieved in a safe way for both the crop and the environment. Better coverage can be achieved without the risk of run-off or phytotox and is safe for beneficials as well as fitting into an IPM programme.


The physical behaviour of Stena improves retention and spreading which subsequently reduces the risk of run off. With better spreading ability, better coverage is achieved in conjunction with better uptake of the active ingredient. With 16 years scientific research to support Stena, the database of knowledge can help you maximise the use of Stena in your crop protection programme.


Stena gives you more freedom to operate. The improved efficacy you will see by using Stena leads to less use of chemicals, ensuring you have a more sustainable production system, no matter which disease or pest you need to control in a variety of crop types.


The added value of Stena is highly influenced by the choice of active ingredient and crop you are applying to. Using a concentration of 0.25% (250cc/100lt) gives the best results. The table below demonstrates a range of active ingredients and how Stena has performed alongside.