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Hicure is completely taken up by the plant when applied either as a foliar or soil application.


Hicure helps plants overcome stress periods of extreme heat and cold, nutricional deficiencies, drought, salinity and damages related to phytotoxicity as a proven enhancer. By using Hicure, you will see longer stems, bigger bud sizes, shorter crop cycles and longer post-harvest shelf life as well as a uniform crop. Compatible with most crop protection products and fertilizers, it is also safe for beneficials. 

In outdoor crops, Hicure can support the plant to overcome suboptimal climatic circumstances and increase plant quality. Hicure stimulates root development leading to better plant quality and greater vitality of outdoor plants. In several transport and store simulation trials, Lavendula ‘Blue Scent®’ increased the number of flowers.

Hicure in practice

The best results with Hicure are achieved when applied before crucial physiological phases (e.g. flowering or root development) or suboptimal conditions (e.g. drought, heat). Frequent applications give a more reliable effect than single treatments. Hicure can be embedded easily in your daily activities. It can be mixed with most crop protection products and fertilisers and with all standard high-volume application devices.

Use and recommendations