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Resistance Management Schemes

Managing resistance in ornamental crops can be complex, especially with diseaes such as botrytis, or pests like thrips which don't have as many products available for treatment as they have in the past. Below are a series of schemes designed to help you match FRAC codes and active ingredients to make planning your spray programmes easier.


Botrytis develops in a wide range of weather conditions and on almost all crops

Downey mildew.jpg

Downy Mildew

Symptoms are yellowing leaves surrounding angular areas which can vary from green

Powdery Mildew

The mycelium of powdery mildew on the leaf looks like a dry white powder

Chewing Insects

A chewing insect causes destruction to leaves and petals and damages crop value

Leaf Miners

Leaf miners are members of Diptera group like flies and mosquitoes. The adult fly

Spider Mites

he spider mite belongs to the group of arachnids. It will suck on the plant, creating


The development of thrips at 15⁰C is around +/- 44 days. When the temperature is