Introducing Elasto G5 - the brand new adjuvant

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Elasto G5, the new spray adjuvant launched by Syngenta, is designed to boost retention and uptake of crop protection products on ornamentals with very low risk of phytotoxicity or harm to beneficials.

“With the ever-dwindling range of active substances available, and ever-tighter restrictions on doses and application timings, it’s crucial to make sure every spray you apply is as effective as possible,” says Daniel Lightfoot, Syngenta Ornamentals UK business manager. “That’s where the adjuvant technology in Elasto G5 can really make a difference".


“Optimum performance is particularly important when it comes to biological active substances and Elasto G5 is equally safe and effective when used to partner these.”

Elasto G5 is based on polyglycerol and coconut fatty acids. These renewable ingredients were chosen for their ability not only to reduce the surface tension of spray droplets – so they stick to and spread on, rather than bounce or roll off, a leaf surface – but also because they aid the passage of a wide range of fungicides, insecticides, biostimulants and plant growth regulators (PGRs) through the leaf’s waxy cuticle and so enhance uptake by the plant.

The recommended tank mix concentration is a relatively low 2.5ml per litre.

“The difference Elasto G5 makes can be seen, for example, with applications of PGRs such as daminozide or chlormequat, where performance is directly related to leaf uptake,” says Glenn Kirby, Syngenta Ornamentals UK technical manager.

“For example, in one set of trials we looked at August applications of chlormequat to control the height of poinsettia plants. We found using Elasto G5 with a half-rate application of chlormequat had a slightly stronger effect than the full rate of the PGR used alone.

“In another trial, daminozide was applied to control the height and spread of Surfinia petunias. Three applications were made – on August 14, 21 and 28.

“When assessed on September 10, the untreated plants had grown to 14.5cm in height and 55cm in diameter. Those receiving daminozide at full rate and no adjuvant were 10cm tall with a 42cm spread.

“But at 11cm tall and 44cm in diameter, plants were almost as well controlled by daminozide applied at half-rate in combination with Elasto G5.”

In other trials, the biofungicide Bacillus subtilis controlled a powdery mildew outbreak on pot roses to below 10% when applied with Elasto G5, compared with the 25% achieved by the biofungicide alone (infection on untreated plants was 65%). And used with a systemic insecticide, Elasto G5 not only enhanced the level of aphid control on a pot rose crop but extended the effective period of control too.

“Using Elasto G5 not only offers the ability to improve the effectiveness of your sprays but by reducing the risk of spray run-off helps you reduce waste and environmental impacts,” Glenn points out.

He adds: “We’ve seen no adverse effects on any ornamental crop or to biocontrol agents such as Amblyseius swirskii in many years of research and trials.”

Elasto G5 is available in 5L packs exclusively through the professional horticulture division of Syngenta’s distribution partner ICL.

You can watch a short video about Elasto G5 and how adjuvants can help professional horticulture growers below.


Elasto G5 Adjuvant from Syngenta for professional horticulture growers