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Biostimulants are materials which contain substances or microorganisms which, when applied to plants, stimulate natural processes which benefit nutrient uptake, metabolism efficiency and tolerance to abiotic stress – and so improve crop quality. Click on the links below to discover what they are, the role of Amino Acids in plants and our biostimulant, Hicure.

In order to support growers as they integrate biostimulants into programmes in a bigger way, the Syngenta East Africa team recently held a webinar where they discussed with growers: 

  • The basics of biologicals, what are they? Where do they come from? With Marcel Hubers, our EAME Technical Manager
  • Hans Raffel, a Technical Expert from the EAME Biologicals team discusses the the different types of biologicals, abiotic stresses and how biologicals can mitigate abiotic stresses 

Click here to watch the webinar videos

What are the benefits of biostimulants?

The role of Amino Acids