Covid 19: Better days will return, if we #lethopebloom

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While the Covid-19 pandemic roles on, our Syngenta collagues, along with 1,000 other companies across The Netherlands, have committed to buying 150,000 blooms to give to nursing homes on Good Friday, to #lethopebloom. To keep the industry going through these difficult times, we arebuying these blooms from farmers ready for them to be distributed. To top it off, it’s been backed by the Dutch rapper Ali B, if people with 277,000 Twitter followers think it’s important, it must be.

You may ask why are we not delivering these flowers to hospitals. Well in fact, we tried. The hospitals in The Netherlands are full to brim with donations. Whether that is donations of flowers, cookies or donuts, the Dutch are outdoing themselves when it comes to positivity.

The UK is not left behind

We know here that #flowersfeedthesoul and we have not been left behind when it comes to donating flowers to those that would appreciate them. Many tulip producers, including E M Cole in Lincolnshire, have donated hundreds of blooms to local care homes in Lincolnshire. Smith and Munson have expanded their business to online deliveries to ensure their tulips reach their full potential.

Picture courtasy of E M Cole Ltd on Twitter, @EMColeFarmsLtd

But it doesn’t stop there, this is global. #Canadianflowerboostchallenge, #flowers4heros, #yomequedoencasa and #flowerstrong are just a few initiatives. While looking into these campaigns, I stumbled upon the fact that the NYC Flower Market, back in the 1970’s was second only to Amsterdam in size?

It is very easy for us as Syngenta to sit tight and ride out the storm and contribute to donating flowers, but without our customers we haven’t got much, so in case you weren’t sure, we are always contactable through social media or drop us an email. If you are still applying product to your crop that is due for sale later in the year and need some advice, just drop us a line.

Wondering what to do with all this “time” people keep talking of and thinking you want to get a stronger handle on application best practice? Head over to our Art of Application pages and watch some of our videos or read through some of our previous blogs.

As the Queen said  on Sunday, “we will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again”. And to echo her sentiments, better days will return, our garden centres will re-open and we predict a rush on demand for plants, lets just hope our nurseries can sustain long enough for there to be plants to buy at the end.

Show your support for our industry and tweet your flower pictures with #flowersfeedthesoul.

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