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This has been a year that kept on giving … As we reflected towards the end of last year, it gave us was the time to consider how we communicate with our horticulture customers, were we doing it right, wrong, were we missing a trick? Something that was very clear was that “everyone” had a podcast, or was wanting or podcast, or had more than one. And this made us think. Maybe a podcast is another string to our communication bow that allows us to meet more of our customers needs. Enter….


As we’re in horticulture and this is us, we couldn’t just call it “the Syngenta Professional Horticulture Podcast” because a) it’s a bit of a mouthful and b) horticulture = pots… so it had to be PotCast. While there were initial thoughts that “pot” has other meanings but this is a clean space, people just think about their professional plants here. OK I’ll stop but you get the idea.

But, not only is this a podcast where you will hear from the Syngenta team, our distribution partners and specialists from the industry, but are you familiar with our blogs? Well now you can listen to them as well. So, if you haven’t got time to sit and read them, just listen instead! If the blog is available as a PotCast, you’ll see this at the top of the page.

The voices you will hear will predominantly be our UK Business Manager, Daniel Lightfoot and me, Liz Green.  You will also hear Glenn Kirby, he is our technical manager and resident spray application expert as well as industry specialists including Chris Green and the team from Fargro.

We hope you enjoy the PotCast and tell us what you think on social media, or just subscribe for automatic updates when a new episode lands!