One nozzle for all jobs - surely that's OK?

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When you look at the cost of products, the time invested in applying said products, the investment made in a spray rig and the value of a crop, I’m always amazed at the small amount of thought that goes into nozzle selection. Many customers I visit will have one nozzle – I think I’m right in saying this is a sub £10 part?

Begs the question – why not invest a little time and effort into thinking about which one to use? All good nozzle charts will show the spray quality of your selected nozzle at varying pressures. Whilst the charts will show a wide range of pressures the nozzle can be used in, I personally would rather see the pressure set to its optimum rather than compromise the pattern of the spray. Thinking back to my last blog of conscious compromise, this isn't something I would compromise on. A bit like you wouldn't drive a Ferrari and then have dodgy, worn out tyres on there, considering they are the things that are keeping you on the road.

After all there is a nozzle designer out there somewhere pulling his hair out – he designed a range of nozzles for a reason you know. 

This leaves you with forward speed or nozzle selection to adjust your water volume and droplet size. Forward speed is highly dependent on the application method. But nozzle switching is easy and helps keep everything working in its optimum range.

Take a little time to make sure you have a decent range of nozzles on the shelf to help you achieve your targets. If you want to discuss your nozzle choices with us further, drop  us a line on our social media channels: 

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