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  • Don’t forget to register as a plant protection products user

    Stewardship & sustainability blogs
    I just want to remind you all that, if you’ve not already done so, you have until June 22 to register with Defra (or DAERA in Northern Ireland) as a user of profession
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  • The chemistry of movement

    Stewardship & sustainability blogs
    How do plant protection products move systemically? How do I get the best from a systemic product?  
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  • A moving story

    Stewardship & sustainability blogs
    What is the difference between contact and systemic plant protection products? When should I use a contact product?
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  • Impact of Climate change on horticulture growers

    Climate Change: Does it affect professional horticulture growers?

    Stewardship & sustainability blogs
    When should I start my spray programme? Does climate change affect pest and disease activity?
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  • Horticulture Blog - How does water quality affect plant growth

    H2O fit for the job

    Stewardship & sustainability blogs
    How does water quality affect plant protection product performance?
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