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Meet the UK ornamentals team

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Hi, I’m Liz Green and I’m the Marketing Communications Manager for Ornamental Controls at Syngenta. For this blog post, I’ve hijacked the Ornamentals Advisory Blog to introduce the UK and what we can offer you and how.


New kid

To get started, who is writing this blog? I’ve been in marketing and agriculture my whole career, but only in the ornamentals arena for the past 14 months. The irony that I can’t even keep a basil plant alive is not lost on me having been surrounded by professional growers my entire career. My role at Syngenta not only covers our ornamentals business in Europe, Africa and the Middle East but also our garden controls business in this same territory. Garden controls means products for amateur usage. Day to day I’m thinking about communication channels and that’s everything from social media, this blog and websites to developing our digital offering to help growers across the region to get more from our products.  

Daniel Lightfoot – The Business Manager 

Dan has been at Syngenta the longest of our trio at nearly five years. Dan has an MSc in Sports Surface Technology and was previously a lecturer in Turfgrass science at Merrist Wood College and also the SuperIntendant at Bearwood Lakes Golf Club, near Reading. Dan’s role covers the UK and Ireland for Ornamentals and also includes our turf & landscape and professional pest management (PPM) businesses.  With pests and turf to think about, it’s a very diverse role. He spends his time supporting turf professionals which can be anything from managing disease control in turfgrass at venues in the Premier League (he’s a big football fan, this helps!) and golf courses across the country, as well as supporting professionals in the PPM business which involves controlling rats, cockroaches and other unpleasant pests. Lucky Dan.

Glenn Kirby – The Technical Guy

Glenn, already responsible for writing our previous blogs, plus many more to come, has been at Syngenta for around 18 months. His background is firmly rooted in turf (no pun intended) and has spent most of his career managing golf courses. Now he’s mainly:

  • Setting up and assessing field trials
  • Supporting Syngenta’s product portfolio across the UK and Ireland
  • Communicating the issues, challenges and management practices birth to the industry and the internal Syngenta team

Now you know who we are, how can you get hold of us?

The fact you’re reading this is a good start, welcome to the world of ornamentals at Syngenta! You can get information on here which will be regularly updated with topical things that we believe are relevant to you, our social media channels and in the future you’ll be able to sign up to our email newsletter which is coming to you soon.

Facebook: Syngenta Ornamentals UK

Instagram: syngenta_ornamentals

Twitter: @SyngentaOCUK



In addition to this, we have a YouTube channel which hosts our “Art of Application” series of videos that will help you get the most out of your spray applications: YouTube: Syngenta Ornamentals UK 

Now what?

Want to find out when we've launched our latest blog? Sign up on the right.... If you’ve got a question about ornamental crops or our products, get in touch via our social channels or drop us an email. We hope you enjoy the information we will bring you and most importantly, we want to help you make sure every flower counts (more on this later).

Coming next – what’s in a formulation?

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