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Art of Application - conscious compromise

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Whilst crop walking around a glasshouse the diverse range of leaf structures, canopies, plant sizes and types is both beautiful to see but challenging to spray.

It is inevitable that you will need to make some compromises at times – the key is to make a conscious decision about what compromise to make. As an industry we tend to get into the habit of applying many products in the same way with the same kit and hoping for the best. 

Which of the following tools do you use to get the best out of your products?

  • Nozzles
  • Pressure
  • Forward speed
  • Water volume

You can’t set you spray rig up to apply to every plant perfectly but if you’ve made a conscious decision on what is the most important you can set things up to get things as close to perfect as possible in your priority areas.

The “Art of Application” is all about thinking about the target you want to hit with the application your making and tweaking your set-up to achieve that. If you've got weather or are completely indoors so you can crack on with all your jobs, don't tell anyone, they'll all be jealous. Failing that, take a look at our YouTube channel for a range of information and videos in this series to guide you with your conscious compromises. 

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